STEM Works for Schools

It was suggested to us that we should think about a few things for the hard playground area that would be interactive and incorporate the STEM Works for schools.  Including Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.   We came up with a few ideas.

We would be really keen to see if any teachers would like to work with us to come up with anything different too, so any suggestions or feedback would be great.  We are always open to new ideas and we really take on board what the schools are looking for and what works best for the children and the teachers.

Below is what we put together for the STEM programme.    We don’t have all the photos of all the designs as we have a lot of new designs coming in the next month therefore we have no pictures of them as yet.   We never put photos of drawings on the website.  We only put pictures of work that has actually been installed.  The new designs that we have will be installed all through September and then we will publish them on the gallery.

Below is a few suggestions for the STEM package.  You can add anything or take anything out.  This is just a suggestion as to what we were thinking about.  After hopefully, after talking to some teachers about what works best, we will come up with a package that will work with STEM.

Human Sun Clock    Times Tables    Math Grids    Fractions    Solid Map of Australia     Compass    

The Solar System Planets     Number Lines    Geometry Jumble


Below are some of the pictures of the above installed on playgrounds in Adelaide , NSW and WA.

We will post all the pictures of our new designs throughout September as they are being installed on the playground.

We welcome any ideas and suggestions as to what would work best for your school.

You can contact us through the comments box below or just send an email and we will get straight back to you.


times tables

times tables set of 12 tables

human sunclock, stand on the month and tell the time

human sunclock, stand on the month and tell the time


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