How Your Markings will look after around 8 years

These designs were installed in around 2007 when we were first established in Australia and since then we have brightened up a lot of playgrounds around SA , NSW, ACT, QLD and WA with snakes and ladders, chess boards, hopscotches, logos and many more playground games and educational markings.

The brightly coloured pictures were taken when the markings were first installed.  You will notice the vibrant colours as soon as you walk into the area where they have been installed.  The pictures that are of the same design but a bit more faded have been taken 8 years later when we went back to inspect them.  It still has its colours and if it was cleaned up using soapy water and a broom, it would be nice and vibrant again.

The material that we use has been specially developed from traffic markings and it is available in over 25 colours.  We stock 10 standard colours but there are 15 other colours that can be specially ordered, for logos or any bespoke designs.

The material we use has:

Enhanced colour stability

High reflectivity

Hardens quickly, then the children can use it in around 15 minutes

Colours made from organic pigments

Non toxic

Contains no lead or other heavy metals

Environmentally friendly



Groundsplash games are


Physically active

Thought provoking



Can enhance children’s playtime

Stimulates positive social behaviour and interaction with others.


And best of all.  Lots of fun!

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