Eyre Peninsula Trip

What a great trip we had when we went to Eyre Peninsula in October.

First stop was a return trip to Kimba Primary school to add some new games from last year.

Next stop was Kircultaby Primary.  This was a lovely small school as well, right in the middle of nowhere.  Then next it was back to Wudinna Primary for a return visit to add to last years markings, then last but not least headed down to Port Lincoln.

Below are some pictures of some of the work that we did.


You will notice on one of the clocks that the minutes are marked out in white.  We think its a great idea and really effective.  Great for the playground.

The other clock is 8m in diameter with the Roman Numerals on one side and 1-12 on the other side, again a really good idea.  We loved the size of the clock, you could fit a whole class in the circle and make more use out of it.

The three way hopscotch, chess board and the snakes and ladders really brighten up a large area with lots of colour, you could see a big difference when it was completed.

All in all everything went well and the teachers and children loved their new markings on their playgrounds.

Thank you for the hospitalit8m-clock-with-roman-numerals-addedy, we will see you all very soon.



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