John Hartley School after 9 years

Here are a few pictures we took of the markings that we did 9 years ago.  The groundsman was telling us that he regularly cleans them to brighten them up.  I think they look great for being open to the elements for 9 years.  They still have their colour and shape.

We went back to add a colourful multicoloured chessboard in April this year, so we took the opportunity to update you on how your colours and designs will look after a period of time.

All you need is some soapy substance like dishwashing liquid and a broom, give it a good scrub and then a hose down, they will be much brighter and it will bring out the colours again.













Below is the new multicoloured grid that we put in this year.   The different colours will give the teachers and children lots of different uses for it.  Thanks again John Hartley!





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