Uses for the alphabet dragon, snake or caterpillar.

This is a great way for young children to learn the alphabet while counting at the same time.

You need will need a dice to play it this way.

You can play with one or two children or multiple children.

The child stands at the head of the snake or dragon and throws a dice.  Then they have to run and see what number the dice throws.  If it shows the number six then the child needs to hop 6 letters, whichever letter they land on they have to make a word out of the letter.

You can make it that you have different catagories.  For example, you could choose the catagory fruit, then whatever letter they land on after throwing the dice they would need to think of a fruit starting with that letter like mango for the letter M.  If they cannot think of a letter they go back 2 spaces and throw the dice again.

You could use all different catagories like, girls names or boys names, vegetables or animals.  You could have endless fun on this and it get the children moving and jumping outside, keeping active and learning while having fun at the same time.

The snake, dragon or caterpillar can be in upper case or lower case in the alphabet or you can have both upper and lower case which means the snake, dragon or catterpillar will be twice as long .

ground splash playground paint dragon

Multi Coloured Playground Painted Dragon, with Alphabet Characters.

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