Games to play on the compass

There are several different ways that the compass can be used for games.

Compass tig. 

3m compass facing true north

You can have 4 plus players in this game.  The group need to pick a navigator.  The navigator stands in the middle and calls out a compass point (N,S,E,W) the rest of the group quickly run to the point that has been called out without being caught by the navigator who can only move when the compass points have been called out.  For a bit more of a challenge the navigator can call out two compass points and the children have to swap points without being caught by the navigator, if they are caught, they become the navigator.

Soft ball compass,

You need 8 people for this game, 4 for the outer N,S,E,W compass points and 4 for the inner NE,NW,SE,SW points.  The inner circle walk clockwise, the outer circle have a soft ball or beanbag and walk anti clockwise, someone has to pass the ball from the outer circle to someone in the inner circle while they move, if the ball drops the two groups stop and change direction.  To make it a bit more of a challenge, add another ball into the game so that the groups have two balls to work with.

Compass handball,

This can be used the same way as the handball courts, the difference being that the compass points are where you stand.  To make it more of a challenge, you have to stay on the compass, if you step off it then you will be out.   The compass is a bit smaller than a four square court therefore a bit more of a challenge.

Blind mans compass,

Firstly, a leader is appointed and they have to stand in the centre of the compass and be blindfolded.   You can have as many students as you wish to play.    The students all scatter themselves around the compass and the blindfolded person has to get direction from the others shouting North, South, East and West to try and catch the students who are scattered everywhere.   As the blindfolded person gets nearer a student the student can move their body by bending and ducking and swerving to avoid being caught but they cant move their feet.  Once the leader has caught a student, they must be blindfolded and put in the middle to let the game continue.

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