How to play traditional hopscotch

Tradditional hopscotch is always a popular game in the playground and has been for many years.

You can have many different hopscotches these days.  We have the usual one with the squares which can be solid coloured boxes in 30cm squares or 50 cm squares, this also comes in outlined boxes and you can chalk in your own numbers or we can put colourful numbers down when we install it.  We also have hopscotch turtles or ladybirds which are great for the little kids.  Or what about a three or four way hopscotch where you can have a full classroom on it at the one time using them as a game or a teaching tool while outside having fun and learning at the same time.


How to play traditional hopscotch

You can have 1 plus players for this.  The first person throws a pebble or beanbag onto no 1 square, then they have to hop all the way to number 10.  The hop on one foot on the single squares then two feet when 2 squares are together.  When they get to number 10 they have to turn while on one leg and hop back, they then pick up the pebble that was thrown onto the no 1 square without standing on it then hop back to the start.  Then the game continues and the pebble is thrown onto no 2 this time and the same steps are repeated until the get back to the start of the game.  This is continued until they get to no 10.  The rules are- if you thrown the pebble outside the hopscotch boxes, then you miss a turn or if you hop outside the hopscotch, you would miss a turn as well.   You cannot stand in the box with the pebble or you would have to go back to the beginning.

Make the hopscotch more of a challenge by using it as per instructions above but when the first person reaches 10, they can claim a number, which ever number that they have claimed, say its number 5, then no one else can stand on the square that has a number 5 on it, you would have to jump over that and also keeping in mind that you cant stand on the square that has the pebble either.

This is a great social and interaction activity for all primary aged children.

3 hopscotches in one for the playground

solid hopscotch

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