About Us

As a family owned business since 2007, we specialise in the uniquely artistic and educational playground markings known as ‘Groundsplash.’ Our business has enabled us to share our passion for learning with hundreds of public and private schools all across Australia who have soaked up every aspect of our new, colourful,educational phenomenon.

Our extensive range of classic and custom made designs and colours are made to order  to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with ‘Groundsplash.’ Our designs are made with a durable, high UV resistance material to ensure that the vibrancy of your new colourful playground lasts for many years.

Our traditional range of playground markings include educational games such as hopscotch and snakes & ladders, however we have a range of various other games and concepts such as numerical/alphabetical dragons, sports courts  navigational compasses, number lines,  number grids, and chessboards to name just a few… the list is endless.  We can also make these designs in Japanese, Spanish, Italian or whatever language your school specialises in. Although there are several different games and concepts to chose from, we are able to customise orders and designs to your satisfaction, your imagination is the limit. Although we specialise in educational playground markings, we have also had the pleasure of designing logos and concepts for a number of different businesses and companies.

For a free, no-obligation quote or inquiry:

Phone: 0434 370 534
Email: marion@groundsplash.com.au
Contact us and we can visit your school, home or business in order to discuss your individual needs and requests.