Check out the many and varied types of educational playground markings that we have created for schools around Australia. We are able to fully customise all our designs or work with you to come up with the right design for your school or businesses.


Grids and Chessboards



Logos, Maps and Signage

Road Markings, Sports Courts and Handball

Circles, lines and other designs

Pascals triangle

Co ordinates Grid for the playground

friendly snake for the little kids on the playground

phonics pond, you can have as many or little as your like

multicoloured shape swirl

giant maze

true North facing compass for the playground

number ;ine

alphabet number wheel

multicoloured circle

compass facing true north

frill neck lizard

walter the worm

Greek Dragon

IB logo for Seaford Rise Primary SA

smiley face for Redeemer College in Adelaide Hills

local children drew and cut out their own hands for this roundabout. Onkaparinga council.

whats the time mr worlf

baby caterpillar

twisting game

music outdoors  Neutral Bay NSW

target snail

music classes outside on the playground

chase the bear


human sunclock

9m snake multicoloured

linning up for class

rainbows at Clarendon Primary SA