Our Aim

Our aim is simple… “To turn your playground into a fun, vibrant, yet educational classroom.”  Across the whole of Australia!

For most children, a day at school with countless subjects can sometimes be long, and tiring. Whilst learning is the fundamental reason why our children attend school in the first place, to learn, grow and explore, we believe that outdoor play is a continuation of classroom learning and gives the student opportunities to risk take, express their feelings and develop decision making skills.   A sense of inclusion and respect is developed.

"turn your playground into a fun, vibrant, yet educational classroom"

Neutral Bay Public School, Sydney, NSW

When children participate in hands on, physical/creative activities, their young minds are the most stimulated, and so they are more likely to learn, often without even realising. Groundsplash’s unique designs combine important educational principles with creative stimulation and physical activity. While your students are taking some time out from their daily subjects, in return they are getting the physical activity their young bodies need in a creative, fun way. Groundspash designs encourage your students to engage in thought provoking problem solving and challenges whilst at the same time, they are still learning mathematics, geography, english etc…

When your playgrounds and open spaces are filled with our designs and markings,  they are transformed into engaging learning areas, where children are able to exercise, have some fun and socialise whilst still learning.

The thermoplastic material used is safe and environmentally friendly and the designs, well, the sky’s the limit.

Let’s talk about the rich tapestry of  educational ideas and imagination we can unleash onto your playground and school community.

Discover more about what Groundsplash can offer your school:

Groundsplash is based in Adelaide but we do go interstate.  We have clients in WA, NSW, QLD and  ACT as well as SA.

In 2017 Groundsplash reached a new milestone… We have now been established for 10 years!!

We are very proud of what we have achieved and the lovely people that we have met over the last 10 years of brightening up playgrounds up and down the country.