The  price list is purely a guide.

If you need a different size or a bespoke design, please ask. We get a lot of requests for different designs and sizes and we can usually accommodate if they are not too intricate.

Please contact us about your specific needs so we can provide you with an accurate quotation.


Game Name Size example Price in AUD
HOPSCOTCH hopscotches can be done in most languages including Japanese, Italian, Greek etc  POA
3 way 50 cm boxes. solid and multicoloured $1,650
classic solid numbered 1-10, solid and multicoloured $620
outlined  empty boxes and numbered 1-10 $570
turtle  solid 1-10 $950
we can do any size, 1-25, 1-49 prices from 1250
1-100  etc, in either solid or outlined boxes  please ask for a quote as there are so many viariations in sizes and styles.
 8 x 8   2 colours  solid boxes                                                    prices from $1600
a grid can be incorporated into the chessboard if required
10 x 10 blank boxes  with  large numbers for a math grid  $2750
this is just an example but grids can be made any size that is required
four square $520
 ten square POA
basketball,netball courts  POA
any size available
clock 3 m diameter clock with no hands  multicoloured $520
 targets 4 circles with footprints to mark where you stand $975
 chase the bear 3 m circle numbered 1-16 with solid half circles- this can be done in most languages, Italian, Japanese etc multicoloured $1450
large circle  circles with solid dots between the lines,muticoloured POA
dragon 9 m solid multicoloured $1350
 snake  9 m solid multicoloured  $1350
caterpillar 9 m solid multicoloured $1350
human sun clock we will work out true North and install the sun clock accordingly  If the school works it out it will be cheaper $1850
compass pointing true North $975
number lines POA
 Solid Map of Australia   World Maps POA  POA
 disabled sign blue and white 1 x 1 m $650
parking lines yellow, red or white  (price per line) $35