Cassie Dean

Balgowlah Heights School , NSW

I found Groundsplash to be extremely proffesional, flexible and well organised.  They were prompt in their communication which made is a stress free process.

The students, teachers and broader community were thrilled to come back after the holidays and see the bright designs and couldn’t help play on them.  Each playground marking was made of a high quality material, ensuring durability.


David Toomer

Student Wellbeing Leader, Lake Windemere B-7 Primary, SA

“Groundsplash do excellent work!

Marion was very organised, completing the markings quickly and efficiently.

The team came out and toured the school with our student voice team and discussed various options, tailoring a package to suit student needs.

I highly recommend you contact Groundsplash for a quote.”








Rachael Bott

P&C Comittee Member, North Perth Primary School, WA

“Thank you so much for to the team at Groundsplash for adding a splash of colour to our Kindy/PP area-especially coming all the way to WA to do it.

The shapes and numbers will give our teachers the opportunities to get the students outside-learning and moving at the same time.

Marion was a pleasure to deal with throughout the organization and installation, and the job was done profesionally and affordably.”

Derek Miller

Deputy Principal of Nairne Primary school, Nairne, Adelaide

“Marion and Colphotov 14in provided a quick and reliable service which has changed our asphalt area into a colourful and useful area for students. We now have a number of multi use court designs which allow students to be more active and develop their own games. We will definitely be using Groundsplash again!”



Peter Allison

Deputy Principal, Flinders Park Primary School, Flinders Park, Adelaide

“Thanks to the team at Groundsplash for installing our new Hopscotch and Snakes &  Ladders areas at Flinders Park Primary Schol. The bring colours make a terrific lift to our hard surface play areas. The students thoroughly enjoy using them and are now popular areas of the playground. the team at Grounsplash were helpful when it came to decide on what markings and gmay 3rd 2013 170ames we would like. Marion was able to show a number of colours and images from other schools and there was not a problem if we wanted to design our own game or choose different colours. They were able to work around us when it came to arranging a time to mark the play areas We would not hesitate to have them back if we required more games or markings in the future.”


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Carol Davis

Principal of Emmanuel Christian Community School, Girrawheen, Western Australia

When we decided we would like to have some useful ground designs to encourage our students with the time tables, the map of Australia and counting (Kindy and Pre-primary), we spent a lot of time trying to find a company that did this sort of work. When we finally found ‘Groundsplash’, although the product looked great, the company was in South Australia. We decided to go ahead and make a contact despite the interstate adders and we are so glad we did! Marion listened carefully to our requests and offered helpful suggestions and advice and was swilling to travel to Perth to undertake the job! Marion, Colin and their team arrive on time, completed the work very professionally (despite the rain) and called back some time after the job to see that all was well. Students, staff and parents have been delighted with the designs. The play on and learn the times tables, test one another on state names on the big map of Australia and the kindy/pre-primary children use the number snake to line up and read and count numbers. We are happy to endorse their product and commend their company for any work in schools.”

Rebecca Moore

Principal of Old Noarlunga Primary School, Old Noarlunga, Adelaide

“Groundsplash has added colour and vitality to our outdoor play and learning spaces. Our Hopscotch and Snakes & Ladder designs have been enthusiastically embraced by all members of our school community. Our students are may 3rd 2013 173developing a broad range of collaborative and independent skills when creating, negotiating and playing games on and around the Groundsplash designs. It is great to see our students engaged in active play at recess and lunch times. Our teachers are utilising the designs for engaging students in learning experiences which challenge and reinforce conceptual understandings across a number of curriculum areas. Our educational support staff utilise the designs to work with students in a fun and creative way, allowing them to develop confidence and achieve success. Marion and Colin were wonderful to work with. They listened to, and were responsive to our needs. Their communication and punctuality were faultless, and their follow up after installation was superb. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and were especially impressed with the creativity they brought to our vision. Thank you, Marion and Colin- I can’t wait to add to our designs!”


Desiree Gilbert

Co-odinator for the Junior Primary and Early Learning Centre at St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School, Glenelg, South Australia

“We have recently had a roadway design painted on a courtyard area between two buildings by Groundsplash. The end result, a colourful, motivating roadway design, is both fun and appealing to our Preschool and Junior Primary children providing bike riding opportunities developing gross motor skills and dramatic and creative play. It has also quickly become an invaluable resource for teaching and reinforcing Road Safety rules. Children can role play crossing the road safely in a fun and meaningful manner, therefore supporting our Health and Road Safety Programs. Marion and Colin from Groundsplash were creative and receptive to our needs in their design and were efficient and reliable with meetings and with the final “painting” process. Their willingness to fulfil our needs and friendly manner made business pleasurable.”

Cherie Reed

Co-ordinator for John Morphett Primary, Morphett Vale, Adelaide

“Thank you Marion and Colin for bringing the Groundsplash concept to our school. The staff, children and parents think our choices of the grid & three way hopscotch is a great way for the children from Reception to year 7 to learn through playing. The grid has been used for mapping, games learning to go left, right, backwards, forwards, learning numbers and alphabet. The flexibilty of being able to adapt the games like we did with the 3 way hopscotch has enabled us to bring in some many learning areas within one game. It’s great hearing the children during break times talking about putting each other in teams using the colours we put the odd and even numbers in, counting in two’s and other children out with chalk filling in the blank squares choosing different times tables. We also have to thank you for listening to us and adapting the alphabet/number circle as the children are connecting letters to what number they are in the alphabet. I can’t recommend your product enough as I see first hand the various ways classes can incorporate the games into our curriculum and fitness programs but also the children using them in their free play times. Some of the other benefits that we have seen is it encourages language, getting along, problem solving, imagination while keeping their bodies and minds active. Well done Marion and Colin you have opened up so many new ideas for playgrounds with a safe, durable, interactive and colourful product I wish you all the best for your business.”


Sue Polmear

Principle of Westport primary, Westport, Adelaide

‘Groundsplash’ have our strong endorsement. We wanted variations in the  normal playground designs and the postive response to our creative ideas has seen original work featured in our school. The frill neck lizard  complements the rainbow snake and the sundial is a link to our “Living Systems”outdoor learning area. The graph allows multipurpose links to activities and our school logo stands out at the main gates”.


Trudie Taplin

P.E. Teacher, Noarlunga Downs Primary School, Noarlunga Downs, Adelaide

 “Our new court markings have made a huge difference to playtime and PE lessons at our school. Students are playing traditional games such as snakes and ladders but have also made up their own games. We have also been able to incorporate literacy games into our letter snake and numeracy games into our snakes and ladders board and shapes.”


Therese Dunlop,

Principal of Moana Primary School, Moana, Adelaide

“Marion and Colin provided us with an excellent service from the initial enquiry through to completion. Groundsplash has enhanced our play area and encouraged students to be more physically active. It has been a huge hit with the students”.


Pam Kent

Principal of Christies Beach Primary School, Christies Beach, Adelaide

” The Groundsplash products are colourful and bright. The students love them!. The snakes and ladders grid, and the alphabet dragon are being used constantly”.


Raelene Taggart

Principal of Colonel Light Gardens Primary School, Colonel Light Gardens, Adelaide

” The service and the product provided by Groundsplash is outstanding. Colonel Light Gardens Primary School now has 2 colourful play pieces that are a highlight in the yard with children. New games are being created using the ground templates and great interaction between children is fostered. The installation of the games was undertaken quickly and carefully and the SRC believe it was a great investment for their money”.


 Victor Tan

 Deputy Principal of Neutral Bay Public School. Neutral Bay. NSW


 Neutral Bay Public School we pride ourselves in quality education. The playground graphics are a high quality, educational addition to our school. We are have many children on a small playground,  so the playground needs to be a stimulating place to play and learn. The children, teachers and parents have all commented on how the love the new graphics on the playground

"turn your playground into a fun, vibrant, yet educational classroom"

“turn your playground into a fun, vibrant, yet educational classroom”